Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Etymology of names in "Remember Him."

While I'm working, I thought you might like some trivia about the names in Remember Him:
Do I think of all of this beforehand? Um…no. As is my usual odd luck, I choose names and then find out later that their meanings are somewhat connected with the story.
CARTER: I chose Carter because of my love of Egyptology. Howard Carter was the archaeologist who discovered the tomb of Tutankhamun.
DENWRIGHT: Dennis is a form of  "Dionysus" or the god of wine. "Wright" means maker or worker. So Denwright becomes "maker of wine" (or blood?) It's a stretch, I know.
FREYR: the name of a Nordic god of virility and prosperity. He was usually pictured as a fertility god (click here to see him), and was said to "bestow peace and pleasure to mortals."
AMSEL: Comes from the name "Anselm."
Interesting note: St. Anselm was Archbishop of Canterbury, whose famous "dilecto dilectori" or love letters lead some scholars to believe that Anselm was a homosexual.
One of his letters begins: "Greeting from Brother Anselm to his honoured master, best beloved brother and most attached friend, Master Gundulf.
Though I desire to write to thee, soul most beloved of my soul…I know not how best to begin my address. For whatever I know about thee is sweet and joyous to my spirit: whatever I desire for thee is the best which my mind can conceive. For I saw thee such that I loved thee as thou knowest; I hear thee to be such that I yearn after thee…whithersoever thou goest, my love follows thee; and wherever I remain, my longing embraces thee."
MARIUS EBERLY: from Mars "god of war"; and from Eberhard "strong boar"
SECUNDUS: Latin for "second," referring to the second brother.
ALDER: from the Norse Eald "old" and Here "army," referring to the older, more violent brother.
DRUBICH: It just came to me. There is no town in Germany named Drubich.
ERZABET: Ersébet (or Ershabet) Báthory (1560-1614) was a Hungarian countess who is considered by some to be the first female vampire.
STEFAN GEBHARDT: derivation of Stephen "crowned" because of his bright blond hair; and Geb "gift" Hard "hard," referring to Stefan's...virility, to put it mildly.

Stauette of the Norse god Freyr
Clearly, he was a fertility god.