Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Good things...

  • I'm hand-writing the next chapter feverishly, although I can't remember everything that I'd written on my laptop, so I'm going a little bonkers.
  • I've had positive responses to all photographer inquiries, except for one, which I wasn't surprised about. Can't say who, but he's rather...controversial.  
  • Several photogs have offered to send me more pictures, which is crazy cool!
  • I got permission from Wiener Models to use their models' images...never thought that would happen!


  1. I had a computer fail once, several years back, that devoured most of my current WIP. Like you, I started sketching it back out on a yellow legal pad. Took up the whole damn pad by the time I was through... but I think it ended up better the second time around! Frustrating as it may be, you'll recreate your work and maybe it will be even better than before.

  2. OMG, rewriting anything lost is such a hassle. I remember I was writing a chapter to one of my Lit stories and had just finished the most awesome couple of pages. I dropped my mouse in such a way that it bounced me out of Word without saving my work (yeah, stupid me forgot to save it as I went along, but that was how into it I was). I literally cried. I had to redo it and the words wouldn't come. It took me a couple days to get back into the flow. So you have my sympathy and hope you can retrieve your data off your laptop.