Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Wednesday Briefs - The Adored One 10


Panic set in. “No, thanks. I’m not much of a dancer.”

“Too bad for me.” He sighed and disappeared into the crowd.

It wasn’t technically true. I didn’t like to dance, but I was pretty decent. It was more that I didn’t want to leave Max on his own. I turned to say something to Max, but found him flirting with a man who was easily twice our age. I suddenly realized this wasn’t just a trip solely for my benefit. In my head, I’d made this into a date and it wasn’t. Max planned to hook up with someone. And that someone wouldn’t be me.

Shit. I felt like an idiot. When the guy asked Max to dance, he looked guiltily at me. I put a smile on my face and said, “Go ahead.”

“You sure?” Max asked. I nodded and he allowed himself to be dragged onto the floor. His slight form was quickly swallowed into the crowd. I leaned back against a post and sipped my beer. A few men smiled in my direction, but I pretended I hadn’t seen them.

Ten minutes went by and I was beginning to get worried. I hadn’t seen Max at all and the club seemed even more crowded than before. I finished my beer and headed into the gyrating knot of bodies, receiving a few bumps and gropes as I passed.

In the center of the crowd was Max, dancing with his eyes closed, tuning everything out but the music. He had his back to the stranger and arms wrapped around the guy’s neck. The man dancing with him reached around to unbutton Max’s shirt and slipped it from his shoulders, and tucked it into Max’s back pocket.

A strobe came on and I lost sight of the pair. Brief flickers of blinding light animated the dancers like a stop motion camera. One moment I saw Max’s slender form, twisting to the music; the next moment, he had vanished. Frame by frame, I searched for him. I pushed and was pushed, sweaty bodies pressing me from all sides.

Someone bumped me hard from behind. I turned and saw a shirtless back, a Celtic cross inked on the left shoulder. My eyes drifted down the undulating muscles to the shirt hanging from his pocket. I couldn’t stop the jealous scowl from darkening my eyes. The man Max was dancing with caught my gaze, recognized it for the threat it was, and walked away. Max dropped his arms and stood still, no doubt wondering why his partner had left so suddenly.

It took a moment before I worked up the courage to touch him. With shaking fingers, I slowly traced the tattoo. Max spun around and a smile slowly spread across his face. He grabbed my shirt and pulled me down to his mouth.

Beer and salty sweat flavored our lips and tongues. I tilted my head to bring us closer together and fisted my fingers in the curls at the base of his neck. Max moaned and gripped my ass. Even through the denim, I could feel the heat of his hands. He was still dancing, grinding his hips from side to side, but somehow never breaking the seal between our mouths.

My cock was painfully stiff and I knew I was moments from coming. If I didn’t stop soon, I would humiliate myself. Sweat soaked my shirt and my head swam with the giddiness of dancing with Max. Actually, we weren’t really dancing. We were having clothed, vertical sex. Oh, god, I had to get out of there.

“I’ll be back,” I said into his ear.

He frowned. “You okay?”

Max looked disappointed… or was he nervous? Perhaps he thought I didn’t like what had happened. Nothing was farther from the truth and I made sure he knew it. I kissed him hard and spoke in his ear. “I only need to cool off a bit. Then I want you to show me more of those dance moves.”

“Oh, okay. Just be careful.” He bit his lip and smiled shyly.

I fought my way to the door and smiled at the bouncer that had let us in. He nodded and said, “Hey, man. Don’t go far.”

I heeded his warning and walked down to the corner of the building. I figured it’d be a good place to have a nervous breakdown. I leaned against the cool brick wall and closed my eyes. What was I going to do? What was this sudden attraction to Max?

“Hey there, pretty boy.”

My eyes snapped open to see a very large man headed toward me. He wore tight jeans and a black vest with no shirt. Tattoos covered his arms and a thick mustache added to his intimidating look.

I decided to flee, so I casually turned to my left to go back to the club, but another similarly dressed, equally large man blocked my way. I was trapped, and took the only option I saw—I ran down the alley.

Four feet slapped the tar behind me and I prayed that I wasn’t going to die like this, raped and gutted in the dark. When a dead end loomed before me, I turned to face my attackers. Instead of their burly forms, however, I saw a pair of wings blocking their path. Dark, flowing hair told me who my savior was.

“Michael!” I sobbed.

The two men that had been pursuing me stood before the angel in terrified shock. He took them by the shoulders and without a word, rendered them unconscious. With a deep sigh of relief, I took a step toward my protector, but the air suddenly went cold. A black shadow swept between the buildings and hit Michael from the side. His wings crumpled and he smashed into the wall.

“What the—” I took a step toward Michael, but stopped when a pair of bright red eyes appeared in front of me.


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