Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Wednesday Briefs - The Adored One 13


The walk into the grocery store was sticky and uncomfortable. The wet spot on my jeans was hidden by my shirt, but I still felt several pairs of eyes on me as I hurried to the bathroom. I cleaned up as best as I could with water and paper towels, wincing slightly at the rough texture on my sensitive dick, but it was better than nothing.

After my impromptu bath, I found the pet food aisle and grabbed a few cans of cat food and a pre-filled litter tray. Then I went to the pharmacy and grabbed condoms and lube. The cashier eyed me skeptically, but smiled and rang up my order. As I paid her, she winked and I blushed.

Max was waiting at the curb when I exited the store. I saw him holding Lucifer, rubbing his nose against the kitten's small cheek. Max was so freaking cute I had to smile.

We drove back to his house, after texting my parents that I was crashing with Max. Though the trip was only twenty minutes from the store, it seemed like an eternity. I held Max's hand in the car and he bit his lip. Damn I loved it when he did that.

When we got to his house, no lights were on. Max leaned over to kiss my lips gently. "Looks like we have the place to ourselves."

I grabbed the kitten's box and his accessories and carried them in. Immediately, Gio began whining. He must have smelled Lucifer as soon as we walked into the house.

Max rolled his eyes and said, "Hang on. Let me introduce Lucifer to him."

"What? He'll eat him as a snack!" I cried.

Max snorted. "Gio will probably be petrified of him. Just watch."

He scooped up the kitten and went over to the half-door of Gio's room. The huge beast jumped up and hooked his front paws over the door and stared at the new-comer. Lucifer tipped his head sideways. Deciding he was in no danger, he jumped off Max's hand, and sat down on Gio's snout.

Max was amazed. "That's just plain weird."

Lucifer leapt down and began exploring the space. I shrugged, opened the litter box and placed it inside Gio's room. Max emptied a can of the cat food into a shallow dish, and Lucifer ate ravenously while Gio sat back, licking his lips jealously.

"All right Gio," Max said. He leaned over to put food in Gio's dish. The sight of him bent over, ass in the air, made me even harder than I already was.

"Oh, Jesus," I whispered.

Unable to control my urge anymore, I walked up behind Max and pressed my hips against his backside. He was at the perfect height to thrust into, if we hadn't both been fully clothed. As it was, my pants rubbed against my dick and made me moan.

Max pushed back into me and chuckled. "This is definitely hot, but not with Gio and Lucifer staring us."

I stumbled back and my face flamed. "Oh God. I'm sorry. I'm just—shit. I don't know what I'm doing."

Max took me by the hand and led me upstairs. He lay down, fully clothed, and pulled my body onto his own. I propped my head up on my fist and leaned down to kiss him. A needy, little whimper escaped him and I grinned. "You taste good."

"And you feel good," Max replied. His hand snaked between us and ghosted over the bulge in my pants.

"Fuck," I groaned. If I didn't stop him, I was going to come right then. I grabbed him by the wrist and said, "Wait. Please."

"I'm sorry," Max said. "If you're uncomfortable—"

His nervous frown was adorable. I stopped his worrying by kissing him hard. My tongue forced its way into my mouth and I took my time exploring. I could tell he was holding back, keeping his hands off me, so I took his hand and carefully put it on my lower back. I figured it would be a little less sensitive there.

And it was, until he shoved his hand down the back of my pants. He sucked on my tongue as though he was sucking my cock. I couldn't keep my orgasm from slamming into me like a freight train. I pulled back from Max and gritted my teeth.

"Oh shit!" I shook against him as hot come once again soaked my boxers. When the last spasm worked through my body, I looked at Max in terror, then turned over onto my other side. I was completely humiliated to have come in my pants twice.

I felt Max's hand rub my shoulder. "Trace, it's okay."

"I feel like such an idiot."

He dragged his tongue up the back of my neck and whispered in my ear. "You are so fucking hot when you come."

Unbelievably, my cock twitched, trying desperately to resurrect itself. The cooling jizz in my underwear felt slimy and comfortable, though, so I pushed Max back gently and stood. "Is there a bathroom? I'm sort of…"

Max smiled. "Of course. It's right through that door. There're towels and cloths in the closet if you want to shower."

"Yeah, thanks." I shut the door quietly, then collapsed against the sink, barely able to stand. What the fuck was wrong with me? Was it the newness of it all? Was it just because if was Max? Whatever the case, I felt sticky, so I started the shower and stepped in. I closed my eyes and stood under the spray, sighing, and then washed quickly. After turning the water off, I stepped onto the bath mat and froze. A message was written in the steam on the mirror.

Don't sweat it. Let him take care of you. Give him purpose. –Philip

"What the…fig?" I looked to the ceiling and whispered. "Really? Now you chose to remind me of your presence?"


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