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Wednesday Briefs - Boys of Belsmeade 15

Welcome to Wednesday Briefs! It's flash fiction, so this story will be presented in 1000(ish)-word chapters. I hope you enjoy it, and check out the many other flashers, whose links are below. You can also check out the Wednesday Briefs Blog for more info and to sign up for email notifications.

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Chapter Fifteen

Mr. Becker glared at Aramis' dad, and then stormed back to his car. He turned and pointed a finger at me. "You had better watch your newborn, Ambrogi. I'd hate to see anything happen to one so young. And give my regards to Dr. Berenz."

Mr. Ambrogi growled loudly as the other clan chief got in the car and drove away. I fell to my knees and held my head in my hands. "Oh my God!" I cried. "My dad. I forgot about my dad. What have I done?"

Aramis pulled me up and wrapped his arms around me. "It's not true, babe. He's not insane. You can't believe a word of what any of the Beckers say. Please believe me."

I held onto my mate, trying to wrap my head around everything that had happened. "So, I didn't attack him?"

"You tried to protect me by running towards him, but you didn't hurt him."

"So he knows I'm a… vampire?"

"He does," Mr. Ambrogi said. "I have Aluisi driving him here as we speak. I thought he would be more comfortable talking to you here. I promise you, little one, no harm has come to him and no harm will ever come to him. He is under my protection now."

"So you're like the Godfather?" I asked.

Aramis' dad smiled. "You could say that, yes. Now come inside and meet the rest of the family."

I looked skeptical. "There are more of you?"

Mr. Ambrogi beamed. "Only my eldest daughter's first child. My first grandson."

Right on cue, a baby began wailing. Lucia groaned. "He's up again?"

Beatricia rolled her eyes. "He's six months old, Chia. What do you expect? I'll go get him."

The interior of the Ambrogi house was just as opulent as the exterior. High ceilings, sumptuous furnishings and artwork covering every wall made it appear I had stepped into a museum. Aramis pulled me down onto a plump sofa and I sat stiffly, afraid to touch anything. I needn't have worried, though. Blanca and Lucia raced up the stairs and slammed a bedroom door. Marco flopped down onto a couch and put his feet up on the arm.

"Animals," Mrs. Ambrogi said with a chuckle. "I have raised animals."

"Pretty much," Epp said. He produced a tennis ball from his pocket and began bouncing it against an antique cupboard.

"Epifanio!" his mother scolded. "If you break my china…"

He rolled his eyes. "If I break it, you have thousands of other pieces."

"Do not speak so to your mother," Mr. Ambrogi said. He snatched the ball in mid-air and squeezed it. The ball split with a pathetic crunch and he tossed it back to his son.
Epp scowled. "I love it. The girls can run around here doing whatever they want."

"You're older," Marco said.

"Yeah, by two minutes!" he snapped.

"Minutes?" I asked.

"Yes," Mrs. Ambrogi cooed. She mussed Epp's hair with a manicured hand. "He, Lucia and Blanca. "My three little miracle babies."

"Hey! Cut it out," he whined, but then he smiled and kissed his mother's cheek. "I think I'll head back to school now, mami."

"All right," she said, "but if you get caught speeding again, you will lose your car."

"I wasn't going that fast."

Mr. Ambrogi put his hands on his hips. "One hundred and ten miles an hour, in my book, is 'fast'. And if I hear of you seducing a police officer again to get out of being arrested, you will lose more than your car."

The young vamp grinned. "It wasn't just to get out of a ticket. I was trying to get in his pants." Aramis snorted and his parents cried in outrage. Epp added, "He was straight, though. Too bad. His ass was—"

Mr. Ambrogi barked, "Will you have a little tact? Go before I take your car anyway."

I wanted to ask Epp if he was gay, but didn't dare. Seeming to read my mind, he held out his hand to me and I shook it. With a wink, he said, "Yes, I'm gay. Welcome to the asylum. You sure you want in?"

"Definitely," I said, earning a kiss from Aramis. As Epp left, Bea came into the room holding what had to be the cutest baby ever. He had a mop of dark, unruly hair, and cheeks so fat they nearly hid his blue eyes. He babbled and blew a raspberry, and then shoved a fist into his mouth.

"This is little Aristes," Aramis' father said proudly. He took the baby, heedless of the drool dripping onto his designer shirt. Bea handed him a bottle and he sat to feed the infant.

Epp kissed his nephew's head. "See you next weekend, peeps."

After Epp had left, and the baby was happily feeding, Mr. and Mrs. Ambrogi turned their attention to me. "Now Eliot," she said softly. "I meant what I said about this being your home. Whenever you need us, we'll be there for you."

"Thanks, Mrs. Ambrogi."

She waved me off. "Please, call me Aurelia, and my husband is Aristes."

It took me a second to pronounce the name Ow-ray-lia, but I finally managed. Aramis kissed the top of my head and wrapped his arms around me. I noticed that he hadn't said much, so I craned my neck up to look at him. "You okay?" I asked.

"More than okay to have you here with me," he said.

He shifted slightly in his seat, so I turned to face him. His eyes flashed white and I gasped. "Tell me what's wrong, Aramis."

"My son is thirsty," Aurelia said. "He's trying to be polite about it."

"You need blood?" I asked nervously.

Aramis exhaled slowly. "Yes."

His parents looked uncomfortable. Aristes said, "We have some synthetic, if you don't want to…"

The thought of feeding had me instantly hard. "No, I'll do it," I said eagerly.

Aurelia laughed. "We'll give you the pool house for now, darling. A little more privacy for new mates."

It was hideously embarrassing that Aramis' parents knew what we were going to do, but when Aramis looked down at me and licked his lips, I didn't care who knew it. I wanted my mate to fuck me into oblivion.


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Guest Author, Jon Keys!

Hey there, everyone! I'm so excited to have Jon Keys on the blog today. Jon was one of the first m/m authors I read when I stumbled upon Literotica a few years back. I quickly got hooked on his yummy cowboys. Who wouldn't? He's here today to talk about his new Dreamspinner Press release, HOME GROWN. Jon invited me to include a recipe, but since anything I cook will probably poison you, I'll let him handle the food. Enjoy!

Hi Kazy! Thanks for letting me visit! I’m really excited about the release of Home Grown from Dreamspinner Press. Two hot guys from very different backgrounds, who love good food. That’s pretty much what Home Grown is all about. So I thought it would be fun to give out recipes, from the book and personal favorites. Good food mixed with a little skinny dipping, what can I say?

So here’s the next recipe. This time it’s Oatmeal Cookies. No, these weren’t in the story. But they are a personal favorite. They’re thick, chewy and delicious.

1 c. shortening
1 c. sugar
2 c. all-purpose flour
2 eggs, beaten
1/4 c. milk
2 c. quick oats
1 tsp. baking powder
1/2 tsp. baking soda
1 tsp. cinnamon
1/4 tsp. salt
1 c. chopped pecans

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Beat shortening and sugar until creamed, then add eggs. In a separate bowl combine baking power, baking soda, cinnamon, salt and half the flour. Add it slowly to the creamed mixture while beating. Add remaining flour and combine thoroughly. Add oats, nuts and only enough milk to make a stiff dough.

Drop by the spoonful on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. Bake about 12-15 minutes at 350 degrees. Cookies will be light brown.

~ Jon ~

Peter Stevens believes nothing tastes better than a vine-ripened tomato tended by a farmer’s hands. The craving for heirloom tomatoes leads him to his local farmers’ market and his favorite vendor, Ethan Hart. As Peter becomes a regular customer, the two find they have more in common than a love of good food. Just as Ethan begins to relax, Peter's ex, Jay, appears and is all the things Ethan is not. A perfect storm of mistakes and poor choices, as well as Ethan’s haunted past, has him ready to admit defeat. With the guidance of friends and a goat far too smart for her own good, Ethan realizes he needs to have a tender hand and patience to grow a home for Peter.

Ethan’s stomach fluttered, his anticipation building as he scanned the early morning farmer’s market crowd. Stop it. Peter will show up when he shows up. Ethan snapped his attention back to the present when the small gray-haired woman who ran the booth beside him tucked herself under his arm and hugged him tight.

“Morning, good-looking.”

“Morning, Maggie. How are things going?” Ethan kissed the top of her head and returned her embrace.

“Not bad, not bad. I’ve put out all the soaps. I hope everyone feels dirty today and stocks up.”

Ethan chuckled at the image of mud people gathering around Maggie’s stall. “Well, my customers can be clean. But I think business today will be good. The late season tomatoes are finally ripe, and I’ve had lots of people asking about them.”

“Including Peter?”

Heat crept up Ethan’s cheeks. “Peter? I don’t know. Probably. You know he has a thing for my tomatoes.”

“Uh-huh, yeah. I might have been born at night, but it wasn’t last night. Admit it to Auntie Maggie, you have the hots for the boy, and I think he has a thing for more than your tomatoes.”

Ethan brushed off her speculation with a wave of his hand. “Maggie, you’re crazy. That man’s some kinda high-powered muckety-muck downtown. He’d never know I lived in Wisconsin if I didn’t have the best tomatoes in the market.”

Ethan studied the forming crowd, their sounds echoing through the building. “It looks like it’s getting busy, I’d better check to make sure I got everything from the truck.”

He embraced her again and trotted out the side door to his pickup. I’m not ready to talk to anyone about my feelings about Peter.

Jon Keys’ earliest memories revolve around books; with the first ones he can recall reading himself being “The Warlord of Mars” and anything with Tarzan. (The local library wasn’t particularly up to date.) But as puberty set in he started sneaking his mother’s romance magazines and added the world of romance and erotica to his mix of science fiction, fantasy, and comic books.

A voracious reader for almost half a century, Jon has only recently begun creating his own flights of fiction for the entertainment of others. Born in the Southwest and now living in the Midwest, Jon has worked as a ranch hand, teacher, computer tech, roughneck, designer, retail clerk, welder, artist, and, yes, pool boy; with interests ranging from kayaking and hunting to painting and cooking, he draws from a wide range of life experiences to create written works that draw the reader in and wrap them in a good story.


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Meet My Character Blog Tour: Stefan Gebhardt

Welcome to a special blog tour, Meet My Character! The lovely Tali Spencer is hosting this round. I hope you stop by her blog, Brilliant Disguise... Other Worlds, Other Loves, and explore her incredible stories.

I've decided to interview not a main character, but one of the supporting cast from my story, Remember Him. Stefan Gebhart is a very private vampire. Not many know about his past, and he likes it that way. He doesn't put up with anyone's bullshit, and he'll damn sure let you know when you're pissing him off.

The official info:

Date of Birth: ? 1448-1451
Place of Birth: Wolfsburg, Saxony, Germany
Date of Death: 18 May 1486
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond
Height: 79 in (201 cm)
Employer: Amsel International Security
Position: Chief of Operations,
International and Special Teams
Security Clearance: US, Top Secret (SCI/SAP)
UN, Level 5
CANADA, Level 3

This tough-ass vampire's only weakness is his mate, Sam. I sat down with Stefan and asked him about how they met.


We traveled to Egypt after a watcher called to report a foundling. Our policy is for the watcher to shadow the vampire closely, but not to approach them. Newborns and ferals can be extremely dangerous, so the watchers are told never to capture them. We learned quickly when untrained vampires have cornered ferals, the results are almost always… messy.

Quincy and I took an entire team with us. First thing we did was liaise with the local police and military force. Once we explained what we were and why we were there, they got out of our way fairly quickly. Obviously they weren't crazy about a vampire roaming around. When we met with the watcher, he said he'd seen the newborn the night before near the tomb of Hatshepsut.

"Oh shit," Quincy moaned. "Take thousands of tourists roaming around one of the most popular archaeological sites in the world and add one thirsty vampire. What do you get?"

"You get an international incident," I replied.

We had to locate the vampire quickly, but when we got to the tomb, there was no sign of him. We decided to spread out and I took my team toward the Valley of the Kings. I'd been searching for about twenty minutes before I experienced something so strange I'll never forget it. It hit me like a freight train: the sweetest, most delicious scent I'd ever inhaled.

I knew right away what it meant. Somehow, I'd found a mate, but it couldn't happen. There were things in my past which I thought would prevent me from ever finding anyone. The harder I fought against it, though, the more intense the scent became. It got stronger the farther into the valley we went, until it was concentrated around the entrance to a tomb high up on the cliffs. I motioned my team to stay back, since I didn't know how far back the tomb went, or how tight the walls might get.

I went in slowly, calling out in my limited Arabic. "You are safe. I will not hurt you."

A shower of pebbles echoed from deeper within the tomb. Then a faint voice called out. "Who are you?"

"My name is Stefan. I am a vampire, and I am here to help you. Will you please come to me?"

I heard sandals scraping against the dirt and that sweet scent grew even stronger. As the sun lowered in the sky, a fiery beam of light illuminated the chamber. The figure that came out of the shadows was a sight I will never forget. He had deep, golden skin with jet black hair that hung over his eyes. When he pushed it back with his slim fingers, and I looked into his beautiful eyes for the first time, I knew he was mine.

But I shoved the feelings aside. I couldn't let myself be weakened by the boy's looks. It couldn't happen. I wasn't made to have a mate. I didn't deserve to be happy. So I did the only thing I knew how to do. I shut down my heart and hoped to hell it would help me stay away from this boy.

And it worked… for a while.