Monday, November 26, 2012

So. Freakin'. Funny.

True story. Stuff like this only happens to me.

On Sunday, I was at a quasi-thanksgiving lunch with my annoying extended family, many of whom are ignorant, conservative assholes. I ignored most of their conversations, but one caught my attention and I'm still laughing.

One of my cousins started talking to another about rims, which instantly caught my attention--as in, WTF are they talking about?? Well, they were talking about tires, but the things that they were saying just about killed me. First, one cousin explained about how much he had to pay for wide rims, and I snickered. Then the other cousin said how hard it was to fix his rim after the accident. I was cackling at that point, and everyone looked at me like I was nuts. I finally calmed down, but then they started talking about white-walls. I snorted so hard that I nearly deviated my septum.

Hey! Maybe if I do this at every family party, they'll stop inviting me!


  1. Oh Kazy, this is hilarious! I read it the other day, but didn 't have time to comment. ;) you know, if you really want them to not invite you, tell them why you're laughing! (Giggle!)
    On another note, i also read your last post and really didn't know what to say other than "people suck." In general. You find those few who don't, but even that small number dwindles as we get older. I feel for you, I truly do. But hang tough, not every single person is like that. And there are, of course, the misunderstandings that happen on occasion.
    To give you something positive, I love your work! I'm so glad I found your blog! I may not say it enough to the authors I follow, but I wanted to let you know that We are out here in cyberland, We are your fans, and We appreciate you!

    1. That's so kind of you to say. Thanks. I've since spoken to my friend and worked things through, and I now know her reasons--which had nothing to do with me.

      I'm glad you found my blog, too. It's great to know that people can appreciate my sense of humor which plays such a big part in my writing.