Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Shocked and Sad and Kinda Pissed

As some of you may know, the editor of my novel (and one of my best friends) abruptly cut ties with me last night. I'm completely staggered and confused as to why.

So, out of sadness and anger, I started to pen another story for the blog. I know I should just perservere with the novel, which I will, but while I'm licking my wounds, I'm getting my frustration out with words. I'm not sure if anything's going to come out of this, as I only have a few hundred words, but there's definite possibility. If I go any further, I'll let you know about the story line, but until then, I'll keep it under wraps.

1 comment:

  1. Kazy, that is so sad and I feel badly for you. I've had this happen to me on occasion, and it's very strange. In one case I never did find out why my friend suddenly turned into someone who chooses to ignore me. Hang in there.