Friday, November 2, 2012

My mother rocks!

While I rest, I'll let you all read something I wrote a few days ago:

My mother is always telling me how little she knows, how dumb she is and how she'd never be able to write stories and go to college like I did. The truth is: she's brilliant and she said something to me last week that proves my point.

Her views on religious groups who blame gays and lesbians for every evil in the world:
"Why do all of these crazy, weird groups of idiots--who call themselves Christians, but who wouldn't know the Bible if it smacked them on the forehead--have to be Baptists? They always call themselves Baptists!"
Why is this so profound? Because I was raised a Baptist, and my mother still belongs to that church. However, from the time we were little children, we were taught that different belief systems and lifestyles aren't the enemy. It is not up to us to judge anyone for anything they have been or have done; we should welcome them no matter what they do now or who they are.

In fact, members of our church took in and provided support for a man whose mind was so destroyed by drugs that he had no where else to go. They invited to their suppers and celebrations a gay man who was persecuted by the rest of the town. These are just two examples, proving that this small-town Baptist church, with a congregation of only about fifteen on a good day, should be the model for others.

Unfortunately, as we all know, this is not the case, and the American Baptist Council (ABC) has been horribly tolerant of the lunatics who call themselves Baptists. Because of this fact, mum's church wants to dissolve its alliance with the ABC, and my mother agrees.

She knows that many of my friends are gay and lesbian, athiests and witches, but she wants them to know that not all Baptists are complete morons and that she loves you no matter what.

Thanks, mum. You are so much smarter than you give yourself credit for.

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  1. You're right, your mom rocks.
    At the moment I envy you your mom.
    My mom was a converted Catholic and one of the most intolerant people I knew. She read the Bible over and over seemed to get more intolerant with every reading. Intolerant of gays and lesbians(they were perverted); suspicious of most races(blacks,hispanics and later 'americans'---never did understand that one).
    And yet she was easily scammed, thought that the Pope was wonderful leader though he was silent about priest pedofiles till he was forced to acknowledge it.

    I think it was her example that made me work on tolerance and acceptance. It probably was partly the reason I became a spec. ed. teacher and later specialized in spec ed preschool. She frequently looked at me like I was some kind of alien, which to her I probably had become, sliding down some slope of perversion.

    BTW I consisder myself Catholic albeit nonpracticing.

    I read not too long ago (think in a blog or story), that anyone who has found love with someone should be celebrated, welcomed, accepted; especially given the state of affairs the world is in. God I sooo agree. First I cannot think God would condemn anyone for learning the lesson. The most reciprocal form of unconditional love I learned was from my dear dog.He was the closest thing I have had to a partner
    Who am I to judge a person on the basis of whom he/she learns the lesson of Love?

    You can tell your mom for me that yes rocks. Not only has she learned the lesson of Love but she spreads it too.