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Wednesday Briefs - Boys of Belsmeade 22

Welcome to Wednesday Briefs! It's flash fiction, so this story will be presented in 1000(ish)-word chapters. I hope you enjoy it, and check out the many other flashers, whose links are below. You can also check out the Wednesday Briefs Blog for more info and to sign up for email notifications.

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Chapter Twenty-Two

The count's brother stood fuming as Epp and Blake kissed. The anger coming off the ancient vampire was palpable. I shivered and Aramis tapped me on the shoulder. When I looked at him, he spoke into my head. "Don't stare at him. That's Fumaro. He's the worst of the bunch when it comes to evil vampires." My mouth dropped open, but Aramis shook his head almost imperceptibly. "I have a feeling he's in league with Blake's dad. They're both dangerous."

I decided to try to speak into Aramis' head. I didn't know what to say at first, so I looked into his eyes and thought, "I'm thirsty for your blood." He didn't react, so I figured my attempt had failed. I tried again, "I want to suck you."

Still there was no reaction from Aramis. Across the room, however, Nero groaned. "Oh my God, Eliot. I so didn't need to hear that. Change the frequency, little dude."

Aramis turned to Nero. "You heard that?"

"Unfortunately, yes," Nero replied. "Jesus. You gotta practice before trying to say stuff like that. You never know who you may talk to."

Aramis and his brothers all laughed at my mistake. Embarrassed beyond belief, I wanted to run away, but Aramis' arms held me tight. "All new vamps make mistakes, babe. Don't sweat it."

I tried to squirm out of his arms, but insisted on kissing me again in front of everyone. Lucia cooed, "That is so cute."

Benita cleared her throat and we all turned to her. She said, "John, I wonder if I might speak with you alone, please."

Dad went white, then blushed. "Uh… sure?"

"Good," she said, and grabbed my father by the front of his shirt, dragging him out of the room. The sounds of something being shoved into the wall was followed by a grunt.

"Holy shit," my father breathed.

"Oh my God," I groaned. "Talk about not needing to hear that."

Fumaro sneered, "That's disgusting. Her and her… dogs."

That did it. I growled and balled my fists at my sides so I wouldn't punch him. "I'm sorry, Mr.… Duke, Earl, whatever the hell you are, but you need to can it. I don't care if you're the grand high poobah of the undead! You're talking about my father."

Belatedly, I realized that Fumaro was about a foot taller and a hundred pounds heavier than me, and could probably melt my brain with his eyes. He didn't though. He simply crossed the room so fast that he looked like a blur, grabbed me by the throat and hauled me off the floor. I tried to pry his fingers loose, but to no avail. Then I kicked him in the junk, which only made my situation worse. He howled in rage and his fingers tightened. My vision got blurry.

"Fumaro!" the count bellowed. "Release him immediately!"

He dropped me in a heap at Aramis' feet and growled. "Brother, this brat has caused enough problems for us, and he has shown me great disrespect. I demand to be allowed to punish him."

"You will not touch him," the count replied. "It is you who has shown disrespect. Go wait in the car."

Fumaro's jaw dropped. "No! I am not a child you can send to the corner—"

"You dare to argue with me?" The count's eyes turned liquid black and his fangs dropped. His muscles bulged and his nails lengthened into sharp talons. Apparently this ancient vampire had powers beyond what any other had. He truly was the most powerful of all of us. Everyone in the room dropped to their knees in deference with their heads bowed, and I followed suit, leaving only Fumaro standing. I heard the count's harsh voice and couldn't help shaking in fear. He said, "You have tried my patience for the last time, brother. Go, before I destroy you where you stand."

I heard the front door slam and the count cleared his throat. I looked sideways and noticed everyone getting slowly to their feet. I also stood. I peaked at the count and saw that his terrifying claws and fangs had disappeared. His eyes were once again pale blue. Still, though, I was ready to crap my pants and I clutched at Aramis' waist for support.

I heard Aramis' thoughts. "It's all right, El. He took your side over his brother's. That's a good sign."

With a long sigh of relief, I nodded. The count said, "Come here, Eliot."

My steps faltered, but I made my way across the room to stand in front of him. He raised an eyebrow. "You are a very brave and intelligent vampire, but you are also young and physically weak. My brother is several hundred years older than you. It is unwise to challenge a vampire who is so much stronger than you. Especially one as quick-tempered as my brother."

"I know, sir. I'm sorry. I didn't really think."

He shrugged. "You defended your father's honor, and I admire you for that. Now you must learn. With a little training, your strength will improve and your instincts will sharpen. It is up to your mate and his family to instruct you in our ways. I'm sure Aramis will help you."

"Yes, sir," Aramis said with a proud smile at me.

"Good," replied the count. "Ambrogi, we will go now. Keep a strict eye on your son and his mate, and also this newborn. I have a feeling we may expect great things from him. Time will tell. Come, my dear." He took the countess' hand, then said, "Oh, where is Benita?"

The door opened and Benita entered, followed by my severely disheveled father. His shirt was untucked and his hair was sticking up in the back. He quickly tried to straighten himself out, without much luck. Aramis' brothers snickered, but Aurelia hushed them.

Benita bit her lip and said, "I wonder if I might stay here for a few days."

The countess sneered, but the count smiled. "Of course, Benita. You are free to travel as you choose. Brothers, go to the car with Fumaro."

Until that point, I'd forgotten the other vampires in the room. They hadn't moved an inch or said one word since they entered. Without a sound, they filed out, but it wasn't a full minute before one of them raced back into the room. "Fumaro is gone!"


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