Thursday, August 23, 2012

Side bar is fixed!!!


After a day of being so frustrated that even my children left me alone, the jumbled web of HTML has parted like the Red Sea in front of Moses. The clouds have cleared and beams of sunlight create a golden halo around my head.

Unfortunately, Pharaoh is coming...

Tomorrow morning, I must drive my chariot to Pennsylvania with my parents, both of my children and my 8-year-old, stuttering nephew.

Not only does the drive promise to be terrifyingly horrendous, I will be thrust into the midst of my uncles, who are some of the most narrow-minded (dare I say bigoted?) lot of "Good 'Ole Boys" this side of the Mason-Dixon line.

[This is not a slur against you southerners who might read this, but since you're reading this, I doubt you'd take it as such.]

Therefore, I will be MIA until at least Tuesday, unless of course, I'm forced to commit murder (is there a proper word for uncle-cide?). I'm bringing my laptop and Kindle, though. I need some sort of escape.

Wish me luck!

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