Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Possibilities...Yes, I think I have it!

Whilst scouring my catalog of photos from those waiting to go up on tumblr (it's pathetic that I have a "waiting for tumblr" folder on my hard drive), I came across these pictures of a model named Thad. He's a different type than "He Who Must Not Be Named," but I was struck that this is closer to my descriptions of Abe from early drafts of Exposure Time: more of a physical match for Tork; he's old enough; sweet but not na├»ve; has a short temper (in other words: a true grandson of Gladiola Tenor).

To avoid a spoiler, I'll also say that he has enough muscle to make his future career choice believable.

The best part, is that I already have permission from the photographer, Jeff Slater, to use his photographs! Go Karma!! Coincidentally, "Thad" is the name of a vampire in my novel. Weird.

Please let me know what you think. I like him more and more the longer I stare.

"Thad" by Jeff Slater
images © Jeff Slater
no reproduction without permission from the artist


  1. Oh yes!! I totally approve!! It's easier to see him 'star struck' with Jon also :o)

  2. I appreciate the comment. I always second guess myself!

  3. Oh, BTW did yu check out Brett Davis' website? (of course you have LOL) In book 3 there are some really nice shots. And one where I still can't figure out what he's doing with his hands?? Hmmmmmm??? ROFL

  4. Yes, I have seen his site, and wrote for permission to use his images, but so far haven't gotten a response, but Scott Hoover gave his permission, so ha! Have you seen my tumblr site with his pics?
    You'll appreciate it, I think. Have fun browsing.