Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Wednesday Briefs - The Adored One 12


A voice called out from the street. “Trace? Are you out here?”

Michael sighed and disappeared, leaving the cat on the wet ground. When I saw Max running down the alley at me, I gently pushed the kitten behind me. Max took me by the shoulders and gasped when he saw my ear. “Oh, shit! You’re bleeding! What happened?”

Before I could come up with an explanation, a loud purr bubbled up from the pavement. Once again, I pushed the kitten back out of sight, but it wasn't having that. It meowed loudly and clawed my ankle.

"Ow," I mumbled.

Max knelt and scooped the kitten into his hands. "Oh my God, look!"

Terror froze me to the spot. Once the kitten's wings sprouted and his fangs showed, Max was going to freak. But the wings didn't sprout, and when Max stood, cradling the animal tight against his chest, I couldn't see any fangs in the kitten's mouth. I rolled my eyes. Michael had transformed the kitten into what appeared to be a normal cat. At least, I thought he had. Was it horrible that I wanted to murder an angel?

My attention snapped back to Max's face when I felt his hand touch my arm. "Did the cat scratch you while you were trying to save it?"

His eyes lit with admiration and I thought, Fine. I'm going to milk this. With a sheepish grin, I nodded. "Yeah. Poor little guy was pretty scared. I heard him mewling in the dumpster."

"That's so sweet," Max gushed. He reached up with one hand and drew me down for a kiss which had potential to grow into something hot. A sweep of his tongue against my lips had me panting for another taste, but when I tried to draw Max's body close to mine, the cat hissed his displeasure. Max stepped back and chuckled. I stepped back and adjusted my pants.

"Can you take him to your house?" Max asked.

"Huh?" I replied numbly.

"You won't leave him here, will you? He's so small and helpless."

"Helpless my ass," I mumbled.

Max scowled. "What was that?"

I thought fast. "I said poor, homeless cat." The pout on Max's face broke my willpower. I sighed. "Okay. I'll take him home. Can't promise my mom will keep him, but—"

Balancing the kitten in one hand, Max wrapped his free arm around my waist and squeezed. "Let's go back to the bar and see if they have anything to put him in."

Ten minutes later, we were on the highway. I was holding a Bacardi box on my lap, peering down at the hellcat within. This was a very bad idea, but the thought of disappointing Max was worse. I reached in to pet the kitten, and its wings unfurled.

"Don't you dare," I whispered. The kitten looked contrite, and folded his wings up and out of sight. I glanced at Max, who didn't seem to have heard me over the radio.

"So what will you name him?" Max asked.

I snickered. "Lucifer."

Max nodded slowly. "I guess that works. After all, he did scratch you."

After all, he was created in hell. Time to change the subject. "You know, I really liked dancing with you."

His blush was impressive, even in the low light. "Me too," he said. "And, you know."

"Kissing you? God yeah, I definitely liked that. I wanted to do more, but…" I pointed at the cat.

"Yeah…" He looked at me with burning lust in his eyes. The car suddenly slowed as Max pulled off into a deserted rest area. He threw the car in park, took the box from me, and set it gently in the back seat. Then, he unbuckled his seatbelt and pounced.

There wasn't much room to maneuver in the small car, but with a little wiggling, Max was able to straddle my lap. We looked at each other for a moment before he covered my lips with his. I opened my mouth and our tongues fought for dominance. The now faint taste of beer drove me wild and I moaned.

"Want you," I panted. "Want to touch you."

He breathed. "Please, Trace," before kissing me even harder than before.

I struggled to get his pants opened, but I finally succeeded in freeing his cock from the tight denim. Max's cock was on the smaller side, and thin, but it felt good in my hand. In my previous existence, I'd touched plenty of dicks, and it was fun, but it was different with Max. It was…right. I tightened my fingers around him and rubbed my thumb over the weeping head.

"Fuck, yes," he said between panting breaths. "Feels so good, Trace."

With my experience as a lover, I planned on making this as good as I could for Max. I collected his pre-come on my thumb and wiped it across his mouth. Then I held his face in both of my hands and licked it off, pausing briefly to nibble on his bottom lip.

"So fucking hot," I whispered. "You want me to make you come?"

He nodded, but didn't speak. The innocence sent my arousal through the roof. I wanted to try to bring him out of his shell. I wrapped my fingers in his hair and licked a path up his neck. "Say it, Max. Say it out loud."

"I-I want to come." His voice was barely audible.

I nipped at his throat. "Louder, Max. Tell me what you want, baby. Louder."

I reached my fingers farther into his pants and rubbed against his taint. He convulsed and let out a strangled cry. "Trace! Oh, fuck, make me come!"

My fingers tightened on his cock and I stroked faster. I watched in wonder as Max's eyes rolled back in his head and he slid quickly over the edge. As his come covered my fingers and ran down his shaft, my own orgasm rocked through me.


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