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Tease Me Thursday - Remember Him

Welcome to the Tease Me Thursday blog hop! This is the 11th week of TMT, but it's my first time joining the group.

When it's not quite Friday, and you're feeling like some fun from your favorite authors and authors you haven't met yet. Come on in, have a seat, and most of all... have fun! For this hop you post 7 paragraphs or 7 sentences or even 7 words. It can be from a WIP or something published.

For this week's tease, I've chosen something from my story REMEMBER HIM, which I had posted on my blog a few years ago. I'm now re-writing a bit and editing before I submit the work to publishers. This is new material from the book, and I hope you like it. Make sure to visit the other teasers, whose link appear below this post. Enjoy!



Any human brought to Alder’s lair was quickly overwhelmed. His brother was legendary in his power of seduction. He fucked them, bled them, and then fucked them again, keeping a cycle of pleasure radiating around the new recruit. Sexual deprivation and semi-starvation, rewarded with lavish banquets and orgies, kept his followers hanging on his every breath, but they were not strong enough to realize Alder was torturing them. His was a master of his art.

A low moan from the room to his right caused him to pause. He pushed open the door to see a female vampire with a young man, maybe twenty years old. He writhed in the throes of passion while the whore fed from his femoral artery. The man’s body tensed as his killer stroked him and sucked his blood. Feeling his fangs drop as his cock hardened, Secundus turned his eyes from the temptation and continued on his mission.

“My dear brother!” Alder called from a bedroom upstairs. “Come up here.”

Secundus climbed the stairs and grimaced at the sight of a liveried footman on the floor in the hall. The man was on his hands and knees, at the mercy of one of Alder's guards, a large Hessian named Max. There were stories of the unfathomable girth of Max’s cock, and by the sounds of the footman’s pained grunts, Secundus had to believe the stories were true.

Alder was much too careless when it came to hiding the vampires' existence from humans. Many humans already knew that he was a vampire; in fact, several members of the local government were frequent visitors at this cave of sin. This day was no exception. A sickly sweet smell wafted from beneath the bedroom door. Secundus pushed it open slowly and gasped at the scene before him.

One of the local earls was stretched out on the divan, lazily sucking Alder’s cock. One of his peers moaned in ecstasy while the vampire drank his blood. A third man, whom Secundus did not recognize, lay in the corner, inhaling opium through an elaborate hookah.

Alder sat up and licked his lips. “Well, well. The prodigal son. Have you come to celebrate?”


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