Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Photo Inspiration for Jake

Here is the adorable Ole Syrstad, my Jake.

photo © 2012 by Mattia Frizzo
I have another shot of him, but on tumblr only until I can reach the photog. Click here.


  1. Im so happy that norwegian boys can give yah inspiration :-) so happy to be a norwegian ;P

    1. Love those Norwegians! Nils Butler is one of my favorites.

      I lived in Denmark as an exchange student waaaay back when and I fell in love with Scandanavia. I never got to visit Norway, though.

      BTW - Learning Danish was a bitch!

    2. Oh my god! you should!! fjords like from a farietale, and a lot of beauty.. (including the guys;))

      Yeah danish is a bitch, bit the funny thing is norwegians understand them and the swedish but they dont understand each other :P