Friday, July 27, 2012

Getting out my Kleenex.

My Photo Finds, Photo Inspirations and other copyrighted images are coming down from this site.

On the advice of a good friend, I'm taking down the copyrighted images from my blog. Instead, whenever possible, I will provide the model's name and a link to the agency(ies) that represent them. There, you may drool as much as you like while I sit back and enjoy not getting sued.

My tumblr blog will remain up for now, as I will need to go through a rigid 12-step process to separate myself from it. If you really feel like taking a step into my head--a frightening prospect, I know--you may do so here:

I appreciate your understanding and hope that you will also consider the laws and consequences of using copyrighted images on your own sites. I love reading all of your stories and blog entries and would be devastated if you were sent to a penal colony for failure to pay royalties.

...okay so that won't happen, but I still wouldn't like to see anyone sued.


  1. Speaking of models, when are we going to get more Abe and Tork?

    1. I know, I know. Abe and Tork are in bed right now. *winking* Carter and Freyr have woken up, but are extremely stubborn. I have to wrench every word from them. Depending on the response to their story, maybe I'll give Abe a nudge.